Marketing strategies make or break a prospective tenant’s interest in your rental property. Some people may attribute pure luck as the reason for a sudden influx of potential tenants towards the competing properties.

Instead, it’s likely that the landlords and property managers made efforts to take their marketing game on the next level.

In this post, we’ll teach you all the tips you need to know in order to get people interested, engaged, and committed to living in your multifamily property.

Greystone ISG Multifamily Marketing

1.   Upload incredible photos

You may use your own camera or contact a professional photographer (preferably specializing in multifamily listings). In any case, your property must be clean, well-lit, and in its best shape on the day of making the photos.

Using any filters or modest touches on Photoshop isn’t a crime. You just have to make sure you don’t create unrealistic expectations for the interested people. There’s no point in making your property look like something it really isn’t. This won’t only waste someone else’s time but your own as well.


2.   Provide a video walk-through

While great photos are essential, you should go the extra mile by providing a nice property walk-through video. Some upscale clients may even expect video material, so if your property tries to provide value to the affluent clientele, then there’s nothing to think about it: get that video online!

Don’t forget that the video walk-throughs don’t have to show only an empty apartment or a house. You could easily show people sharing a meal, friends doing some BBQ in the backyard, or guests jumping into the pool. That’s just part of the marketing process and it sure works like magic!


3.   Focus on the context

Bring out the wider context surrounding the rental property. Yes, it’s absolutely important to list all the amenities, but more and more people expect to understand the environment wherein the property exists.

That means thinking about the particular demographics of the people likely to rent your property. For example, young families may be interested in the daycare and school options nearby. Also, they might want to know about the safety of the whole neighborhood.

Good marketing solutions rely on accurate descriptions of the local reality. Best marketing provides photos and videos to really bring the local community and environment alive for the potential tenants.


4.   Organize social media campaigns

Greystone ISG Social Media Multifamily MarketingSocial media isn’t a buzz word anymore, it’s one of the essential marketing platforms. You can use both paid and unpaid options. The former includes hiring a social media expert to leverage campaigns that are completely results-driven. The latter means using free channels to promote your rental in a smart way. For example, you could find relevant Facebook groups and share posts related to your rental property.

Just be sure not to spam and blatantly advertise your property if it’s forbidden by the community guidelines. Instead, you could find creative ways to showcase your property while genuinely giving value to the group members.

Having an outstanding property in one way or another means you can use Instagram. For example, the platform allows you to create visually appealing posts and stories about your property that have the potential to raise some serious interest from people all around the country.


5.   Have an offline presence

Believe it or not, but nowadays, some landlords completely forget offline solutions. It’s never a bad idea to invest in a professional, high-quality sign. While the internet penetrates almost every aspect of our lives, people still drive around and walk on the streets.

Professionally created signage catches the attention of potential tenants driving or walking by your property. The sign should be informative enough, but not cluttered with pointless data points about the property. There should be a clear call-to-action alongside your personal contact information.

Make sure the sign is visible from distance, at least to create interest for the people to come closer and read the finer print.


So how to effectively market your rental property?

Though the internet is the marketing king, don’t forget the offline signage and other non-digital solutions as well. Upload great photos that showcase the best sides of your property while still being truthful about the place.

Try to put the property into a wider context: what’s the community and the possibilities for the particular demographic in the property’s neighborhood?Also, organizing social media campaigns or at least having a presence in social media is one of the essentials of rental property marketing in this age.